URGENT! Wirral seeks Youth Parliament Members

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The shenanigans in the House of Commons over Brexit may well have convinced many young people that our democracy is undermined by all manner of groups pursuing self interest and not the greater good of Britain and its people.

On the other hand, they may have decided they could perform much more ably and sensibly than adults.

Now they have a chance to put themselves forward and try to make a real difference.

Wirral is now recruiting for two young people aged 11-18 to become Members of the United Kingdom Youth Parliament (UKYP).

The two young people who are elected to represent Wirral will work with MPs, decision makers and youth groups to highlight the issues that matter to them and their peers. You can find out more at the UKYP website.

Registration closes at 5pm on 18 February, so time is tight! Don’t run down the clock.

Shortlisting will take place soon after registration closes, while voting for the two shortlisted candidates will take place between 25 February and 15 March. Election results will be announced late March.

To apply, young people must be:

  • Aged 11-18 (MYPs must stand down on their 19th birthday)
  • A Wirral resident

There is no formal criteria for becoming an MYP, but those who apply should be those who:

  • will take their responsibilities seriously
  • have an interest in relevant issues and a view on topical issues
  • will listen to and respect the views of his/her peer group and those of others
  • can speak their mind
  • is committed, lively and outgoing

The role of an MYP requires commitment both in time and effort.

This includes attending:

  • regional conventions of the UKYP (three per year)
  • annual residential sitting (three days)
  • liaising  with locally elected members
  • meetings with young people (i.e. youth councils and forums) – Wirral Youth Voice Group, Send Youth Voice Group, Children in Care Council
  • annual House of Commons debate

Download the 2019 nomination form

For more information, please contact Seline Wakerley.

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