Local green belt sites that could be developed for housing listed

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A list of green belt sites in the Heswall Today area that could have housing built on them over the next 15 years is out for consultation.

The plots of land are included in Wirral Council’s proposed Local Plan for 2020 – 2035.

To comply with the government’s National Planning Policy Framework the Council says Wirral requires just over 12,000 new homes over the next 15 years, or 800 per year.

The Council has also stated that this figure cannot be achieved by building solely on brownfield and urban land, and that making available parts of the green belt is unavoidable.

Wirral Council was criticised by government for not delivering a Local Plan, and threatened to intervene if it failed to do so.

Now that plan is taking shape and Wirral residents have a chance to make their opinions known. The links below will take you to maps.

Earmarked land in the Heswall area:

East and West of Pipers Lane

West of Barnston Village

North of Whitehouse Lane

Land at Chester Road, Gayton

Boathouse Lane, Gayton


West of Landican Lane, Storeton

Little Storeton

North of Rest Hill Road, Storeton

Storeton Village

North of Marsh Lane, Storeton

North of Red Hill Road

East of Brimstage Lane, Storeton

East of Mount Road

South of Peter Prices Lane

West of Brimstage Lane, Storeton

Pensby and Thingwall:

North of Gills Lane, Pensby

Cllr George Davies, deputy leader of the council and cabinet member for housing and planning, said: “The Local Plan we develop will meets residents’ needs, and we will do everything we can to protect the special character of Wirral.

“This consultation is vital, and I hope every Wirral resident is able to get involved and make their voice heard.

“We know, and so do Government ministers, we do not have enough brownfield or urban land to enable that scale of house building and as a consequence we will have to consider releasing land from the Green Belt.

“Our hand is being forced. We will of course meet our legal obligations and develop a Local Plan. We have to review our Green Belt land and, while making any of those sites available for development will be our last resort, it has been made unequivocally clear to us that if we do not do it, it will be taken out of our hands.”

Steve Anderson, Chair of the Heswall Society, says: “We are not convinced by the arguments and numbers put forward by the Council and the Society is fighting to protect these Green Belt areas. We are working with the Wirral Society and other local Societies to challenge the Council’s assumptions and calculations and do all that we can to protect Wirral’s Green Belt.

“If, like us, you are concerned about this issue we would urge you to get involved. The consultation on these proposals opens in September and we urge concerned residents to write to the Council.

“We are also planning to hold an open meeting at 7.30pm in Heswall Hall on September 19 to provide people with more information.”

If you want to know more about the consultation click or tap here to reach the Wirral Council page.

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