Could your property be a TV or movie star?

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[dropcap type=”circle”]Y[/dropcap]our property could be part of a British economic success story.

In total our creative industries are worth around ยฃ80 billion pounds a year to the economy and account for 1.7 million jobs.

Film and television play an important role. We export our products and attract overseas producers to make their movies and TV shows here.

Just another day on the Chester High Road
Just another day on the Chester High Road

Recently introduced tax credits and tax breaks have made production in Britain even more attractive. Anything from Star Wars to Florence Foster Jenkins, the biopic of a New York heiress starring Hugh Grant and Meryl Streep, can take shape in a Britain doubling as another nation or even another world.

Florence Foster Jenkins was shot partly in Liverpool and Wirral and is evidence that UK filming locations have never been in such demand.

Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant
Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant

Your property could be suitable for a movie or TV shoot. It might be an ordinary home, a country pub, a modern office, an area of land, or an historic or quirky building.

Creative England, the agency which aims to encourage the continued growth of our creative industries, supports around 1000 productions outside Greater London each year. Its team works closely with location managers, directors and producers to source locations.

Free of charge you can register your property with Creative England. This doesnโ€™t mean it will necessarily become the new home for Batman or a Disney spectacular, but it does mean your potential location will be part of a database searched by film and television scouts.

If your property is picked you are then in a position to negotiate a facility fee with the producers.

The registration process takes around 10 minutes, although you need to have some good photographs to hand.

To register, find out more, and access a helpful list of Dos and Donโ€™ts, visit the Creative England website:

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NB: Heswall Today is pleased to announce it has two major motion pictures in development: Heswa II, the sequel to Heswa; and Eliot Neston and the Untouchables.

Kevin Costner as Eliot Neston with Sean Connery as Will Aston
Kevin Costner as Eliot Neston with Sean Connery as Will Aston
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